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Notes and Links to Reported Decisions Which Established Legal Precedent

 Geoffrey R. Hudson has personally handled numerous cases which resulted in reported decisions and established legal precedent in the field of suretyship.

The following are links to the most frequently-cited cases:

FAJ, Inc. v. Surety Company 68 CA 3d Supp 20 (1977)

Defining the nature of coverage for a statutory bond.

All Bay Mill & Lumber Co., Inc. v. Surety Company 208 CA 3d 11 (1989)

A landmark decision setting forth the limits of coverage for a license bond.

Carpenters Funds v Surety Company 13 CA 4th 1406 (1993)

Holding that the provisions of the license bond pertaining to payment of fringe benefits were pre-empted by ERISA.

Sweeney v. McClaren 78 CA 3d 130 (1974)

Establishing that a surety is entitled to all of the remedies of interpleader, including the right to be awarded legal fees from the funds deposited in court.

Surety Company v. Piver 149 CA 3d Supp 529  (1983)

Expanding the scope of protection in interpleader to restraint of judgments in collateral actions.

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